Whether its squeezing a slice in or adding juice from the bottle, drinking lemon water is an emerging health trend. But is there something to this mixture of lemon and water, or is it just another sour fad?

Corning Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has the pros and cons of adding a little bit of tartness to your eight daily glasses of water

 PRO: Immune System Support

Now more than ever with the COVID-19 pandemic a part of our life, it’s vital to have a strong immune system. Lemon juice is a great source of vitamin C, which is a nutrient that’s crucial for a healthy immune system. 

CON: Could Worsen Acid Reflux

Obviously, lemons are very acidic, so if you’re a heartburn or acid reflux sufferer, irritating your throat with lemon water several times a day may not be the best idea.

PRO: Can Reduce the Risk of Kidney Stones

All citrus contains a salt called citrate, which binds to calcium and helps block kidney stone formation, and lemon juice has the highest concentration of citrate among all citrus juices.

CON: Can Damage Teeth

Acidic beverages will wear away tooth enamel as time goes by. There are toothpastes and procedures that can help maintain and repair enamel, so if you’re drinking lots of this beverage (coffee and seltzer can also cause these issues), be sure to talk to your dentist so you can maintain the health of your teeth.

PRO: Keeps Your Hydrated

Research finds that three out of every four Americans are dehydrated, and many just don’t think of drinking water throughout the day. But many find that having an enjoyable drink like lemon water at the ready will keep them drinking more and staying hydrated.


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