The National Council on Aging, through survey provider Ipsos, commissioned a survey to find out what the top concerns among U.S. seniors are, and they found that health, healthcare, and money top the list.

Over 1,200 people age 60 or older were surveyed in early 2019, with over half of those being in the 65–74 age range.

Corning Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing would like to share the results.

Health and Healthcare
The top concern among those surveyed is being worried about their physical health; 64 percent of respondents are worried about that. Next, 56 percent are concerned that healthcare costs will exceed their retirement income.

Other Common Concerns
Slightly beneath the cost of healthcare, 54 percent were concerned about losing their independence. Outliving their savings was concerning to 48 percent, 46 percent were worried about becoming a burden to family or others, while the lowest concerns were about mental health (30 percent) and loneliness (28 percent).

Most Have a High Satisfaction With Life
In good news, 61 percent of seniors surveyed said they rated their current life an 8, 9, or 10 (with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best), and nearly everyone (59 percent) felt that they would be at an 8, 9, or 10 three years from now.

What’s Worse Than Expected?
Financial security was the most common thing that seniors felt was worse than they expected. Twenty-five percent of respondents said their financial security was worse than they expected, while 23 percent said that about their physical health, 11 percent about social connections, and 6 percent about mental health. All those percentages were higher among lower-income seniors.