Residents at senior living facilities like Corning Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing, along with other seniors who may live independently but may be used to gathering at senior centers or community buildings for activities, are going through a tough time. While measures of social distancing and restricting visitors during this coronavirus threat are being done to keep them healthy, a byproduct is seniors are dealing with isolation and loneliness.

Fortunately, there are some creative ways to keep seniors engaged while adhering to social distancing regulations. Here are five ideas to keep the good times rolling.

  • Dress-up Days

Seniors, along with staff members, can get in on the fun by holding themed dress-up days. You won’t need to be within six feet of each other to keep people entertained!

  • Social Distancing Bingo

While card games are out, there’s no reason for bingo games to stop. Make sure you have a large enough room and enough tables so each person can have their own table to keep players far enough apart from each other. It also helps to use disposable bingo cards during these times.

  • Balloon Ball

Have people sit far enough apart and supply them with foam pool noodles or fly swatters, then see which group can keep the balloon up in the air the longest.

  • Transform the Resident Newsletter

Most senior communities have some sort of newsletter to advertise the activities and trips for the month. While that space will be blank for a while, why not replace it with content from the residents? They can share stories, pictures, and even recipes to enjoy while spending more time apart.

  • Signs to Put on Social Media

While residents surely miss seeing loved ones, it’s just as hard for those who aren’t allowed in at this time. Have residents hand-craft signs where they can write messages to loved ones, and then post them on your community’s social media sites for all to enjoy.

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